Katy Perry looking to heal the world, and herself

International pop musician Katy Perry says she wants to partner with environmental companies and persuade the good people who are running for nomination.

“At thirty-five years old, I selected many boxes from my list and now I’m facing a challenge to dream about. people to be a candidate in his position “.

In an interview with Vogue India magazine about the January issue, Perry revealed his personal and professional life.
eyes for 12 years and have made a lot of mistakes. I’m a human and I still want to try. I don’t want to be defeated or messy. I want to live life and that means you can travel from time to time, but not how to read – it’s about How to get up.

His trip in Showbiz is full of ups and downs.

“I healed and implemented the Hoffman operation and inserted the tree medication …. I have a partner who is about finding a balance – Orlando (Bloom, Hollywood actor and Perry’s fiancé), who is on his spiritual journey. He is announcer. He shouted at me and he was really right. He is the number one fan.” .

The singer came under intense pressure over the details of her wedding, but said she wanted an older family.
The successful maker of the “growler” machine has revealed that he is looking for a cure for underdevelopment.

“Transcendental Meditation,” he added, “I have contemplated many different forms of meditation, but nothing goes beyond TMK. It changed my life.”

“I have done a lot of mental, spiritual and emotional work in the past few years. As artists we are told that the biggest lie is that we have to be in pain to make it.” I don’t want to be in emotional pain all my life because of composing songs, ”he explained.

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