UN ups 2020 budget, includes funds for war crimes probes

On Friday, the UN General Assembly adopted a $ 3.07 billion operating budget that includes funding for the first time to investigate war crimes in Syria and Myanmar.

The budget represents a slight increase from $ 2.2 billion in 2012.

According to diplomats, the UN Secretariat has increased this because of extra duty, inflation and exchange rates.

yer in jul 25 and the crackdown against Muslim minorities in the Rohingya in Myanmar.

For the first time, the budget for the Investigation of Syria and Myanmar in 2021 – previously funded by voluntary funding – will be transferred to the UN Secretariat’s budget and mandated
Contribution from 193 Member States Russia proposed several amendments during the budget committee meeting and the full session of the General Assembly.

In each vote, its supporters performed, including Russia, Syria, Myanmar and North Korea, Iran, Nicaragua and Venezuela. They all stated that they separated from the reference in the mechanism to investigate the approved conclusions.

Russia has said it will examine its compulsory repayments in the light of future voting results and expects that arrears in the United Nations Treasury will increase due to not paying enough money to the countries.

Moscow on Friday argued that the investigative system was illegal, and Damascus confirmed it had no security council order.

The United Nations Operational Budget is separate from the nearly $ billion billion annual budget for the peacekeeping operations adopted in June.

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