Taylor Swift shakes off record label feud at AMAs

She didn’t sing – a song about women’s struggle in the music industry.

But the moment passed quickly. And before launching a 13-minute medal for his biggest single, Swift released fashion to unveil more glamorous gold pieces.

She joined Camilla Capello and Halsey for a strong performance in Shake It Off, finished behind the pink piano, and played her last solo friend as Misty Copeland and Craig Hall ballet in front of her.
After standing up for praise, legendary singer-songwriter and song artist Swift presented the Best Artist of the Year award, whose songs included “Fill the Earth” and “You Make Me Look Like” a Natural Woman.

King Swift praised the power of his songs and the relativity of his music before his guess: “The best is yet to come.”

Instead, Swift acknowledged the King’s influence on her parents and family, and said each goal of every musician is to “create something that lasts forever.”

Addressing her fans, Swift continued: “This is an award celebrating decades of hard work, art, fun and memories that I’ve had with you to remember what interests me, over the years.

Swift wasn’t the only recipient of career awards – she won five more competitive prizes, including Artist of the Year.

It reached the total number of AMA Awards – breaking the record set by Michael Jackson, who received 24 American Music Awards.

However, the show at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles isn’t just about Swift.

Billy Ellis gave his presentation for awards entitled “Fireworks Enclosure”, and while performing, “All Little Girls Go To Hell”.

The 17-year-old received two awards – Best New Artist and Favorite Alternative Rock Artist, who later surprised him.

“I am shivering,” he told the audience, with a half absorbent lollipop in his left hand.
And the fact that you guys are staring at me now? This is crazy!”

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