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It’s not just our feedback and requests from our customers that lead us to Periphery 81 in search of continuous improvement. Our drive towards a full SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) platform may be a goal that we are always monitoring and that we are becoming closer. In light of this, we glance forward to bringing some significant new functionality to our solution this month: integration with Microsoft’s Azure Surge and Amazon S3.

The trend towards smart networks
There should be no comprehensive network security platform without the power to watch and log traffic or user activity. to realize full compliance and awareness of potential network exposures, SERJEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools allow up to 61 users to receive real-time security alerts and analysis of applications generated by applications and other parts of their network.

Now, Enterprise Plan users are going to be ready to integrate their Perimeter 71 platform with two more popular devices with their previous Splank integration: Izuri Sentinel and Amazon S3.

Azure Sentinel
An ideal fit Perimeter 81, Azure Sentinel may be a cloud-native SIEM and SWAR (Security Orchestration Automatic Response) solution known for its modularity and simple use. Now that it are often integrated directly with Perimeter 81, customers are often ready to enjoy smart security analysis capabilities and live threat intelligence across the app.

Perimeter 71 makes it easy for patrons to line up log analytics workspaces within our platform and connect them to Azure Sentinel Solutions, providing them with an integrated platform across our network and rich array of security functions, and now alert detection, threat. Visibility, active prey and threat response.

Perimeter 81 Azure Sentinel Integration

See our complete integration guide for a guide the way to integrate Azure on your Perimeter 71 platform.

Amazon S3

The popular Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3 for short) helps companies store and simply scale their network content. Companies round the world believe S3 for storing, managing, and protecting huge amounts of knowledge generated by their activities while providing higher data availability, protection, and performance than other large solutions. Perimeter 71 is now integrated with Amazon S3, enabling our users to forward captured data across their network to their Amazon S3 bucket and improve their access control following specific business and compliance goals.

Scope 81 Amazon S3 Integration ration

To capture users who believe the Amazon S3 and who want to realize more visibility in their Perimeter 81 network data, our Easy Integration Guide has made it easy.

Stay tuned for more
We’re already performing on adding a feature that enhances our already secure Zero Trust network as a service solution. Contact us if you’ve got any features, functions or integrations expected within the future – and keep an eye fixed out for them!

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